Projects, programme and services

Adult Education Training (AET) picture

We are offering education opportunities through department of Education. If you dropout of school, leaving school earlier due to unforeseen circumsta…

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Coordinate and facilitate workshops and information sessions picture

Parner with government institutions and corporate businesses who wants to introduce their service and Training in communities. 

We offer our expe…

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" Hope Feeding  Initiative " (Soup Kitchen) picture

Hope Feeding has been initiated to assist needy Families, due to lack of income and where both parents are without employment. This service will be o…

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Job Readiness and Compiling CV's Workshops picture

These workshops are offered throughout the year to assist the youth who entered the job market for the first time and people in general who would lik…

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Career Expo/ Exhibition picture

Career Exhibitions is one of the initiatives in collaborations with Educational institutions such Universities, Colleges and Skills Development Train…

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School Holiday Safety Programme picture

Community Transformation Projects offered school holiday safety programs which is government initiative and subsidized. Objectives is provide program…

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CTP - Unemployment Database picture

CTP has created database to assist the unemployed to find employment. 

We partnering with businesses by introducing the database to companies in …

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C.T.P - Benevolent Fund picture


The benevolent fund is established to support families and people in general in our community who are affected in times severe crises and emerg…

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South African Police Self Defense Classes picture

South African Police (SAPS) Self Defense offered special classes over 6 week period to youth ( ages 8 to 15) in community. The objective is to train …

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Hope Community Garden (H.C.G.) picture

Hope Community Garden is initiative under the aucipices of " Community Transformation Projects registered NPO no in colloboration with Glovelly Can r…

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RESTORER OF HOMES project objective is to assist families who has lost their homes through fires or electrical reasons. We do this through donations …

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